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Germany is not only a beautiful country; it is also one of the most powerful countries in Europe which is also well known for its Advancement in Technology. The country is always in demand of skilled and innovative workers, encourages all young and talented people irrespective of nationality to visit the place and also look for places to work. The country offers free education to its residents and is considered to be a highly safe and attractive living and working environment.

Germany is also one of the countries that is seeking highly qualified employees to work in well-paid positions, and encourages all young and skilled people to visit and look for places to work. So if you have decided that you would like to work there, the first things you need to do is get a Germany job seeker visa. Hence moving to Germany would prove to be a wise decision.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. The country rules the world in Advancement of Technology. Still country lacks skilled workers in many sectors and professions. As Germans admire the innovative ideas and skills hence there is immense scope for jobs and career development and job seeker visa opens the door for the talent the country is in need for.

Citizens from European Union do not require any visa to look for a Job in Germany. Nationals from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, The Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America do not require visa to enter Germany and look for a job. However they are required to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit at the Immigration Office on arriving Germany. Nationals from remaining countries of the world need to obtain Job Seeker Visa in order to enter the Germany and look for an employment in the country.

About Job Seeker Visa:

The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit which allows you to visit and stay in the country for six months to look for a job. Within this period of six months you need to find a place of employment, post which you will be given the Germany work visa or a Germany work permit and through this you will be allowed to work and live in the country. Please note that having a job seeker visa does not allow you to start working immediately in Germany which means that you can visit the country and look for a job during your stay of 6 months in Germany.

In order to acquire a job seeker visa for Germany, you need to check the below following points:

  • I. Be eligible to apply
  • II. Compile all the necessary documents
  • III. Fill out an application form and book your visa appointment

I. Eligibility of applicants:

There are several criteria that you need to fulfill to be eligible to apply for the Germany job seeker visa:

  • a) Aspirant must hold a Bachelor of Master’s Degree from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree.
  • b) Have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in your related field of study.
  • c) Show proof of travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit.
  • d) Have travel or medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany or until you get your Work Permit.
  • e) Show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover all the expenses during the time you are in Germany
    • Proving sufficient financial resources is the most important part of your Job Seeker visa application!
    • To prove this you will need to open a Blocked Bank Account in Germany.
    • It is required that you have 853€ blocked for every month that you stay in Germany.
  • f) In addition, it is highly recommended that you have German Language ability. Though English proficiency is sufficient to qualify for the visa, it would be better for you if you at least knew basic German.
  • g) No point based test (IELTS) is required for Job Seeker Visa but English Proficiency is sufficient to qualify in order to obtain Visa.

The Germany Job seeker visa holders can stay in Germany for up to six months in search of a job in their field. Once they find the job they must convert it into an employment residence permit. Once you get a job you have two possibilities:

  • you can either apply for an EU Blue Card, or
  • you can apply for an employment residence permit

Getting a Germany Employment Visa

As per the German Employment Visa, in most cases, the Employer will sponsor it, but if not you will need to do it on your own. You can get the permanent residence permit after 5 years in Germany with an employment visa. With this visa, you can bring your family with you through the Family Reunion Long Term Visa. To do so, you and the family members must fulfill the requirements for this type of visa.

After You Arrive in Germany with a Job Seeker Visa

With a Germany job-seeking visa in your hands, you can immediately travel to the country. Yet, once here, you should complete another two tasks, which are:

1. Register your address at the registration office. It does not matter if you will be staying in a hotel, a rented place, or over at some relatives or friends. You always need to register your address in Germany. Thus, within two weeks of arrival in Germany, you should register your address. Find the closest registration office, and go there with your passport, visa and documents regarding the address where you are staying.

2. Get your Germany Temporary Residence Permit. After you register your address, you can apply for a residence permit for a job seeker person. To apply you should make an appointment with the Immigration Authorities near your place. On the day of the appointment, you will be attending an interview during which you will be submitting some documents regarding your application.

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